Kettlebell Ribbons and Twist for the CORE

The kettlebell ribbons and twist is one of my favorites to include in training as there are so many benefits you will receive from this awesome kettlebell exercise. Not only is it a great exercise to work on core stabilization but there is also a huge benefit for your shoulders, biceps, triceps, and thoracic spine (everything that moves it).

When you perform this exercise, you want to make sure nothing moves from your lumbar down. Tense your legs, keep your knees and hips from moving an inch to stabilize the torso. The only movement we want to see is in the shoulders and then followed by the spine, thoracic spine rotation.

This exercise and hundreds more are explained in the Kettlebell Exercise Encyclopedia available for direct download from Cavemantraining or as a printed book from Amazon.

We used this kettlebell combo for Prometheus Phase II a kettlebell strength split program. Shoulders and chest, legs, back and abs, biceps, triceps, and traps. With an optional cardio workout.

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