Killer. Killa. Workout

This kettlebell cardio workout is an absolute killer. If you like the gasping for air workouts, this is it.


You buy-in with 100 calories on the assault bike, 80 for females.

Then you proceed with 12 rounds of:

  • 4 snatch into overhead reverse lunge
  • 4 push ups ‘any’
  • 8 calories on the assault bike (6 for females)


Rx for the snatch is 20kg for male and 16kg for female.

If you don’t have a bike, replace the 100 cals with a 2k run, and the 8 cals each round with 60 high knees. If you don’t like the kettlebell, use a 40kg bar for male and 30kg for female.


Snatch into overhead reverse lunge:

  • Weight needs to be snatched with a hip hinge
  • Overhead lockout maintained throughout the rep
  • Knee gently touching the ground
  • Weight lowers only after coming into full extension
  • The drop is full into the next snatch on the other side
  • The hand switch can be performed with a switch snatch or swing
  • Last rep can be lowered into racking


  • Any variation allowed
  • Elbow reach 90-degree flexion


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