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CrossFit Kettlebell Snatch

After making some videos the other day about the kettlebell snatch, I started thinking “what is the difference between a CrossFit Kettlebell Snatch and a ‘kettlebell snatch’?” Is there even one? Yes there is, not in the aspect of it being different and invented by CrossFit, but rather to where it’s suitable for CrossFit, which is low reps or high reps, mixed with other exercises, you never know what you’re going to get! What you do know is that you want to complete it as fast and efficient as possible, and of course safe—but we all know that, so no need to mention it every-time, right!?.

In quick summary: you want to fully understand the snatch, all options available and change style according to the WOD, competition or physical state you’re in.

The video below goes into some of the aspects, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg, and judging from the content out there on the CrossFit Kettlebell Snatch, this is already a huge piece of free information that you can use for your arsenal in your next WOD or CrossFit competition.

Another point to show the difference, in kettlebell sport you’re always doing high reps for endurance, you’re always pacing and wanting as little resistance as possible, you’ll never just quickly pump out 10 reps and be done. In Girevoy Sport efficiency is always pacing and less resistance, but in CrossFit efficiency can be fast and explosive for 10 reps to get it over done with, but it might also be that you need to pace yourself depending on the reps, in CrossFit efficiency is a variable.

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