Kettlebell killer leg workout

Heavy Killer Leg Session with Kettlebells → SERIOUS WORKOUT

I’m not the kind that likes to exaggerate, so when I say that this is a ‘killer leg workout’, you can be guaranteed that this is a killer leg workout, and not only does it give your legs a serious pounding, your core muscles will be tremendously challenged as well. Video below.


I pulled together some of the all time best kettlebell exercises for this workout, and focussed mainly on unilateral training, the exercises are:

  • double arm conventional kettlebell swings
  • racked reverse lunges
  • overhead deadlifts
  • racked cossack squats
  • staggered deadlifts

The workout is to be performed with heavy weights, choose something with which you can perform 3 reps for each exercise.



Start with a good warm-up focussing on the legs and core muscles, don’t neglect the shoulders for the overhead work. Then perform 100 kettlebell swings only one time and get stuck into the killer workout which is 4 exercises for 6 rounds.

Start with your left side

  • 3L/3R racked reverse lunges
  • 3L/3R overhead deadlifts
  • 3L/3R racked cossack squats
  • 3L/3R staggered deadlifts


This is by far the best leg workout I’ve ever put together. I hope you enjoy it.


Want to know the muscles worked, cues, things to look out for, tips to avoid common mistakes, safety, all the technical details, the why, the finer details and more?

Want a PDF with all the information on the workout, progression, suggested rest times, alternatives, stretches and detailed videos on each exercise?

I’m selling all this for just $1, I’m selling it cheap because I love what I do and want people to be able to afford it. I’m asking $1 because I also need to make a living, $1 is nothing for a workout that will give you amazingly strong and good looking legs. This will become your go to workout that you’ll be revisiting more than once.

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