Albus Nebula Kettlebell Flow

This flow consists of the following kettlebell exercises:

  • Wide Stance Swing Snatch
  • Straight Legged Wide Windmill
  • Lateral Clean
  • High Windmill
  • Back Flip
  • Snatch into OH Reverse Lunge
  • Swing/Switch

Repeat on the other side
10 rounds (left and right equals 1 round)

Note: Before attempting the wide straight-legged windmill perform the movement first with bodyweight. This windmill requires a lot more thoracic rotation as you are in a deeper wider stance with your feet. The upper body and hips need to move well and you need to have good shoulder stability.

If you feel you do not have that much thoracic rotation do the regular high windmill by adjusting your feet and using these alternatives, click on the link below.


Albus Nebula Flow Explanation

Choose a light weight if you are new to kettlebell flowing. If you are more experienced and are familiar with these moves go a little heavier so you can work on building strength.

Start off in a wide stance, then swing the bell through the legs straight into a snatch. Rotate and look up at the bell. Bring your opposite arm through the legs.

Bring your feet together and perform a lateral snatch. Keep the bell overhead.

Perform a high windmill with both feet pointing forward and about hip-distance apart. If you have great hamstring flexibility keep both legs straight or you can bend one knee to drop the hip to help you go deeper and create more flexibility in the hamstrings.

Rack the bell and perform your flip. I always do a backflip as this is an easy flip to incorporate and if you are new to this, it is a great way to build up your confidence.

Snatch the bell and keep it overhead and perform a reverse lunge, all in one flowing movement, the bell should be on the same side you are stepping back.

Swing Switch

Repeat on the other side

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