This Kettlebell Exercise RIPS You Apart!

Okay, no one wants to be ripped apart. What I mean by the statement is that one arm is controlling something overhead while the other controls something going down. One leg is in front while the other is behind. The core and the hips have to do so much work that you might slightly feel like you’ve been ripped apart after this workout—in a good way!

Let me be straight up, this is not for beginners, not for intermediate, and even advanced can be dangerous if you don’t have good stability in the legs and hips, you need a strong core, great mobile shoulders, and above all, good proprioception and control of the kettlebell. You need your timing right for this.

In the video I use two 20kgs which is quite a heavyweight to control in two opposite direction while lunging, I highly recommend to start light and work your way up. Yes, the qualities from this exercise will shine through in your other training.

I’d love to tell you more, but this little beauty is reserved for the Caveman Inner Circle where we’ll be providing details and progressions. The Caveman Inner Circle is where you’ll be learning new or be refining kettlebell work each week. Workouts come with progressing and alternatives. You’ll receive access to detailed private videos, are able to submit form check videos in a private group, and receive feedback from qualified kettlebell coaches.

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