How to train safely

How to Train Safely, the Cavemantraining Way! The 3 Golden Rules

How to Train Safely, the Cavemantraining Way! The 3 Golden Rules


Don’t listen to meatheads
Lift the weight that is safe for your body and current state, whether that is 12kg or 4kg, don’t let them talk you into injury.


Progress … but, not to impress! Progress when you’re ready. Looking great is important, but feeling good, moving freely and being ready for anything is more important! Don’t be one dimensional and train your body from every angle.

Compete with integrity! Yes, winning against the fittest in the class is great, but if it’s not done with great form and technique, i.e. every rep was sound, do you really feel badass? Always put safety, technique and form before anything else. Don’t cheat, you’re only cheating yourself. And remember, you can also compete against yesterdays self.


If you happen to come across any airheads along your online journey, show them the graphic below.

How to train safely


What are you golden rules for safety and training? Post them below or on our Facebook.


Personal note: I was inspired to make this graphic after having joined /r/Kettlebell Reddit, I seriously had no clue what Reddit was about, I tried using it a long time ago, but saw no benefit in using it, then recently on my search to generate an audience for the Cavemantraining website I read some articles which were suggesting to use Reddit, so I gave it another go, and boy, what an unpleasant experience that was, it reminded me of the old Newsgroup days where the people that were a long time member felt like the ruler of the group and attacked by anything new, they had to put it down and come and attack anything you post, no matter what it was, they would found something to bitch about.

I usually don’t engage in back and forth bickering with these people as I feel sad for them, they have no life… anyways to keep a very long story short, one of the meatheads on there was complaining about the weights I was lifting in one of my workouts, talking about progression, calling me weak, talking about the weights he lifts, how old he is etc. just plain sad really, I didn’t have to go and talk about what weight I can lift and why I choose the weight I did in that particular video, I closed the Reddit account and let them bicker amongst themselves, to them I dedicate this graphic! As for the Cavemantraining website, I will boot anyone that engages in bullying, displays “look at me, I’m better than you” attitude and does not adhere to the 3 golden rules of safe training. This website is all about helping each other out, growing as an athlete, growing as a person, sharing, discussing, there is a huge difference between discussing and attacking, there is absolutely no room for personal attacks on the website.

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