The Double Kettlebell Snatch, the Manliest Kettlebell Exercise in Existence.

The double kettlebell snatch, the manliest kettlebell exercise in existence.

“Nothing looks more Badass than double bell training.” Shaun Keys

Learn how to perform this powerful move and turn fat into rock hard abs. Make gains fast with this super explosive movement.

For the price of a beer, you get a detailed PDF with breakdowns and progressions that will have you snatching double kettlebells in no time. You’ll also get a detailed slow-mo video with pause frames, close-ups, pointers, and more.

Join the manly Cavemantraining badassery team. NB: females are allowed!




I will not only cover how to look good snatching kettlebells but more importantly, I will cover how to stay safe with the snatch and why I chose to cover the double kettlebell half snatch instead of the full snatch. I’ll also dive into details that will keep your lower back and shoulders safe, and avoid ripping your hands and banging your forearms.


You can change the effects of the kettlebell half snatch exercise through:

  • weight
  • reps
  • drop
  • movement
  • duration

And I will cover some of these adjustments in basic terms as well.

Other points I’ll cover:

  • breathing
  • progression
  • regression
  • assistance exercises
  • keeping your fingers safe


Here’s what you’ll get for just $4.95 (normally $14.95)

A PDF with the double kettlebell half snatch broken down and progressions so you can understand what is happening in the snatch and how you can get to the same level via a step-by-step process.

A full-length private video of a kettlebell snatch interval workout with details on how you can complete the same workout. The workout is one that will assist with your progression.

Private group access where you can request a form-check from a qualified kettlebell coach, and also get access to 21-units with videos that take you from zero to snatching.

A 20% discount on the book Snatch Physics for when you decide you want to get intricate with the snatch and learn everything about the king of kettlebell exercises. 10% discount if you want to get certified as a trainer or want to receive coaching online.



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