How To Kettlebell Biceps Curl — How To Curl With a Kettlebell

Curling is functional! It’s not just for hypertrophy—big bulging muscles, it’s for pulling yourself up, pulling things to you, lifting your groceries, and much more. Curling can be used for hypertrophy, strength, and even cardio. If you want to dive deep into curling and learn all variations then check out our amazing book called Master The Kettlebell Curl. Okay, the video above has already given you some great ideas on what’s possible. Below are some of the variations covered in the book. The book will also cover how to prevent injury, how to program, how to use it for muscle mass, strength, and cardio.  Make sure to unlock the second part of the video and many more below.



Kettlebell Curl Variations

  1. Squat Dead Curl
  2. Seated Curl
  3. Kneeling Curl
  4. Crush Grip Curl
  5. Hammer Curl
  6. Open Palm Curl
  7. Gunslinger
  8. Towel Grip Curl
  9. Flexed Static Hold
  10. Reverse Grip Curl
  11. Gorilla Curl
  12. Standing Curl (front)
  13. Standing Curl (side)
  14. Standing Curl (lateral)
  15. Standing Horn Grip Curl
  16. Bent-over Curl To Shoulder
  17. Bent-over Double-arm Curl To Chest
  18. Towel Curl
  19. And more…


Unlock Several Curl Videos

As mentioned in part 1 of How To Kettlebell Curl, you can unlock several more awesome videos that will take your kettlebell knowledge and kettlebell fun to the next level. I’ve included the ZnamenskyCurl which is an old-school kettlebell lift from Alexander Znamensky (1928), double biceps curl into a reverse lunge, kneeling curl into a side press, the 90/90 kettlebell curl into lunge and press for hip mobility, and the second and third video that I mentioned.

How To Kettlebell Curl Part II

This is the second part of the video at the top of this page.


Kettlebell Curl Variations






Check it out!

We have some awesome kettlebell complexes that include the kettlebell curl, complexes such as the Asgard Strength Complex, the Gorilla Blackback complex from the workout named the same, the Titan Complex, and you’ll find others on our YouTube channel.


Asgard Strength Complex

This is one of the kettlebell complexes that put kettlebell curling back on the map, this is the Asgard Strength Complex which includes some awesome exercises combined.

Gorilla Blackback

This is the Gorilla Blackback workout with double kettlebells. Gorilla curls were designed for this workout.

The same workout but with a single kettlebell.

Titan Complex

This is the Titan complex which also features a kettlebell curl variation.


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The Caveman Inner Circle is the place where you will grow, learn, and get to work with professional kettlebell trainers directly. You’ll also have access to over 150 workouts (at the time of this writing) in our kettlebell workouts library. There is a whole lot more you’ll get, but check it out.


Free PDFs

These are the free PDFs mentioned in the video.



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