Single versus double kettlebell swings

Advantages/Disadvantages of a Single Bell Double-Handed Swing Versus Dual Bell Swings?

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Question: What are the advantages/disadvantages of a single bell double-handed swing versus dual bell swings? For example 48kg vs 2x24kg?

Asked by Thomas Dowse in kettlebell training.


Answer: With double kettlebell, you require more control, each arm one bell. With one bell double-arm swings you easily control the bell from turning etc. They are harder than the single kettlebell swings, so, it depends on what you want from it. Also, a wider position of arms apart at top of swings whereas single bell is narrow.

Question: Is the wider grip better for posture, not rounding the shoulders, mine are already rounded.

Answer: It could do, but you also need strength at the back, flexibility at the front, and good MMC. And you need to pick the right weight too.

Added by Michael Lisichkin: 1 kettlebell + body = 2 centers of mass that the lifter has to deal with. 2 kettlebells + body = 3 centers of mass to deal with.


What causes rounded shoulders during the swing?

It can be caused by multiple things. Tight muscles at the front, weak muscles at the back, a weight too heavy, or not being able to activate the right muscles and create a good posture, i.e. mind-muscle connection.


What fixes rounded shoulders?

Kettlebell swings can absolutely fix rounded shoulders when done properly. You have a weight swinging at the front and you need to resist that pull, correct and maintain posture, this all requires muscle activation at the back which creates strength. The pulling back of the shoulders creates flexibility at the front.

The important thing before anything is mind-muscle connection and actually being able to understand what muscles to engage and then being able to connect with them. If you fail this part then everything else will fail. From there you want to make sure you work with the right amount of weight and the right amount of swings.


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Double arm single kettlebell swings


Double arm double kettlebell swings

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