Kettlebell Tabata

4 Awesome 4-Minute Kettlebell Tabatas

Four awesome kettlebell Tabata workouts, 4-minute workouts is all you need. You can do one every day, or four per week with a day rest in between. Or go crazy and just do all four with rest in between.

These workouts get pretty intense, you want to keep the weight light to be able to keep the intensity up and stay safe. These workouts will come close to the real Tabata intensity. Of course, it’s all about how much intensity you put in as well.

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Kettlebell Tabata With Gorilla Cleans

Kettlebell Tabata With Hang Clean Into Squat

Kettlebell Tabata With Jerks

Kettlebell Tabata With Deadlifts

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What is a Kettlebell Tabata?

Tabata has become synonymous with generic interval training. “In popular culture, ‘Tabata training’ has now come to refer to a wide variety of HIIT protocols and exercise regimens that may or may not have similar benefits to those found in Tabata’s original study.” A kettlebell Tabata is 20-second work and 10 seconds rest repeated for 8 times, but most forms of intervals are now often incorrectly referred to as Tabata, i.e. 10-minute Tabata workout, 20-minute Tabata workout, 30-minute Tabata workout, etc. Hence, the general public is accepting it, so it is.


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