The Undaunted Warrior Workout

You’ll love this kettlebell workout! You need a Concept2 rower and 2 kettlebells. If you don’t have a rower, you can replace the 100 cal rows with 100 kettlebell swings (it’s actually easier, so, do 150 if your swing is good).


  • 100 cals on the rower
  • 50 burpee squat dead lifts
  • 50 bent-over rows
  • 50 suitcase dead lifts


Rx for male is 2 x 16kg and rower on max resistance
Rx for female is 2 x 12kg and rower on medium

If you’re doing swings instead of rowing
Rx for male is 1 x 24kg
Rx for female is 1 x 20kg


Form and technique first! Come out of the bent-over position (hip flexion) before your glutes give up and your back starts to round, straight back at all times!

  • Hips low on all those squats and shoulders high.
  • Bring the weight dead to the ground each time.

Have fun, and post your results on our YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or below.


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