RKC Monster Workout

This is a monster workout involving rowing, kettlebells, and calisthenics.

The tasks are as follows.

Task 1

100 calorie rows or a 1.5k run FOR TIME

Task 2

Kettlebell combo:

  • Dead clean
  • Dead snatch
  • Swing snatch
  • Overhead reverse lunge

8 minutes AMRAP
Rx 24kg for men and 20kg for females

Task 3

  • 4 x push-ups ‘any’
  • 2 x pull-ups
  • 4 x squats
  • 2 x chin-ups

8 minutes AMRAP

Task 4

100 kettlebell swings FOR TIME
Rx 24kg for men and 20kg for female

You can only do this workout on your own due to the design of the workout, but it can be done in a group if each person has a smartphone and the Cavemantraining Workout Timer. After you install the app timer on each phone all you need to do is install the pre-defined timer for this workout and everyone is ready to go. More details here.

Download and install the timer here. View all installable timers here.


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