I designed this 20 minute WOD with low reps, medium weight and short time frame so that you can complete this workout going from one exercise into the next without overloading any of the muscle groups too much. It’s a nice quick and easy workout to get in on those days you don’t have a lot of time.

The WOD consists of:

  • 2 x bent over dead rows (wide)
  • 2 x renegade rows
  • 2 x overhead squat
  • 2 x alternating hang clean and press

For the rows you bent over with a hip hinge and start your row with the weights dead on the ground each time, row outwards squeezing the shoulder blades together, control the down phase of the row and put the bells down dead right under your shoulders.

You can go straight into the renegade rows by kicking your feet back landing into a plank if you placed the bells in the right place, perform a tricep push-up and row each side into the hips.

If you kick your feet back in the right position you can clean the bells straight up, then press or jerk them up and perform two overhead squats.

Rack your bells and let one drop straight down moving from lose grip to hook grip coming into a squat, clean the bell up from a hang position using nothing but the legs, go straight into a press and perform the same on the other side.

This is one round, mark it down on the board, you have 20 minutes to perform as many rounds as possible.

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Unlock the muscles worked below.


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Before you perform this workout, watch this video to get you pumped up and motivated!

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