Kettlebell Flow Advanced—LUKOVA

This is LUKOVA, an advanced kettlebell flow that’s performed with one kettlebell. The flow consists of the following kettlebell exercises:

  • Open palm dead clean
  • Waiters hang clean
  • Pass-through switch clean
  • Figure of eight
  • Around the body
  • Single-arm swing
  • 360 flip
  • Half snatch

Back to dead and repeat on the other side.

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Kettlebell flows are awesome, and definately something that everyone should explore for their countless benefits. Flows are not just something you do. You don’t just pick up a kettlebell and perform flows that include exercises where the kettlebell moves through all planes of motion and you switch from one hand to the other or even juggling. You need to lay a proper foundation, without that foundation you will get injured and/or not enjoy your kettlebell workouts.

A flow requires knowledge of grips, grip transition, regripping, stance, racking, and so much more. In this flow there are countless grips used, to name a few, hook grip, racking grip, loose grip, open palm grip, waiters grip, corner grip, etc. Check out our Kettlebell Training Fundamentals book, video, or online kettlebell certification, the certification is without a doubt going to bring you to the next level. If you’re a trainer looking for CEUs then check out this accredited course.


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