Cavemantraining Quick Intro

The Caveman Training method has the following incredible results-driven programs available to smash you into shape so quickly you didn’t even see it coming:

  • Caveman Circuit – Functional training at its best
  • Caveman Interval – High intensity, quick results
  • Caveman MMA – Train like a fighter
  • Caveman Boot Camp – Better than the military!
  • Caveman Kettlebells – Real, genuine useful strength… plus cardio
  • Caveman Strength – Get Caveman strong!
  • Caveman Bodyweight– Make your body your machine
  • Caveman Nutrition – Your food is your medicine

By the way, Caveman, Cavewoman, it’s all the same. Rather than calling it Cavehuman, we call it Caveman but women participate, and in-fact they kick the men’s butts on many occasions.

Whether you are fat, old, black, brown, yellow, ugly or fugly, makes no difference to us. We care about your results, we care about providing the best programs to you so you can achieve your goals, enjoy your work and enjoy your life. You don’t need to be fit to join either; almost every single person at the gym has been where you are now so they will not judge you.

But isn’t it all just like the training we’re already used to? Same old, same old?

Cavemantraining is nothing like the same old boring routines you’re used to. Cavemantraining involves strict rules, adherence to form, proper technique, penalties for lateness, penalties for not listening while the trainer explains the exercises, and no participation if you’re really late. Those are just some of the rules but you know you’re going to love these rules! You know you’re done with the slacking off and chatting during exercise sessions you pay top dollar for. You know this is what you need to get the results you so desperately want. If you want to chat you know you’re better off going to Gloria Jean’s.

Throughout our programs you’ll find that the Kettlebell is our tool of choice, our Kettlebell is like the Olympic Bar in CrossFit. We’ve chosen the Kettlebell because it allows you to train unilaterally. Think of lifting one 40 kg barbell with two hands; you know that one arm will just naturally take more weight. Now think of two 20 kg Kettlebells, one in each hand – press them up and each arm will lift the same weight! We don’t use complicated Olympic lifts that take years to master and are prone to serious injury when performed incorrectly.

Caveman Circuit

This is the program it all started with. It’s challenging and never boring. You’ll be going through a circuit, most of the time with a partner (Caveman Buddy System). The circuit can be strength, agility, cardio, balance, core, endurance, speed, power, and most of the time it’s a mixture of them, but always focusing on functional exercises, exercises that will help you in real-life events, carrying groceries, playing piggyback with your kids, even getting up and sprinting from a bad situation.

Caveman Interval

Train your hardest for 20 or 30 seconds (depending on the program) and take a well-deserved 10-second rest, regain your breath, have a sip of water and go your hardest again. Repeat 6 or 8 times and move on to the next exercise. It’s a contemporary concept, especially with a touch of Caveman added with exciting exercises and cool equipment, leading to real-life functional fitness that gets anyone in shape.

Caveman MMA

Train like a fighter in a class that is not about fighting. We include strikes from Boxing; kicks, knees and elbows from Muay Thai; other drills from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA, and combine them into one exciting class where we mix it up with other exercises and provide you with a high-intensity workout where you can let go of your daily work stress.

Caveman Boot Camp

We started Boot Camps back in 2004 and now they’re back, better than ever, real military like it should be! Caveman and Boot Camp combined is just screaming for a workout that will leave you feeling amazingly great and full of energy for the day! You’ll work together in a group, with everyone doing the same exercise. There are no 45-second stations, no intervals, it’s all about working as a group. Sessions are 30 to 34 minutes with a couple of breaks depending on what level you participate in.

Caveman Kettlebells

The Caveman Training principles combined with Kettlebells – it just does not get any better than this. Here’s a perfect program for anyone to build lean muscle and gain cardio, strength, and endurance. The Kettlebell will work every muscle in your body, not just the major muscles, but your stabilizing muscles as well. Combine all this together and you get real strength that can be used for everyday life. Add a pinch of Caveman Trainer motivation and exercise selection and you’ve got one of the best workouts for male and female.

Caveman Strength

If you’re all about getting bigger muscles and lifting heavy things then this is the class you want to be going to. The exercises are performed slower with fewer reps and more rest, but still with the motivation from a Caveman Trainer who knows that you can reach 10 reps safely instead of the 8 you think you can achieve.

Caveman Trainer

Have your own Caveman Trainer assigned to you to discuss and help you set your goals, train, see progress and achieve the goals you know you will need to sweat and grunt for.

Caveman Nutrition

You can train till you see blue, but if you don’t eat right, your body will not grow, your body will not make progress, your body will not heal and revitalize for your next session, and your injuries will keep pestering you. Your food is your medicine, so eat wisely and train wisely. With our nutritional information we can put you on the right track, the track you were intended to be on in the first place.

With all that said, you should know we’re all very down to earth people, we love a chit chat, we love to giggle, we love to banter, just not during our workouts – those we take very seriously!

Choose the program that calls to you, or maybe more than one, and watch your body respond in a way it never has before.

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