Thorax Workout—Injury Proof Yourself

This kettlebell workout is unlike others posted, it’s a workout everyone needs to incorporate at least once a week. I’m talking MMA fighters, BJJ fighters, kettlebell enthusiasts, crossfitters, and fitness enthusiasts. Especially crossfitters!

Why did I say especially crossfitters? In kettlebell training, MMA, and BJJ there is already rotation included, whether you get mangled by your opponent in the twister, throwing punches, or doing a windmill. But in CrossFit there is a distinct lack of rotation, lateral flexion, etc.

Especially useful for everybody working in an office setting, where constantly sitting behind a desk and staring at the computer screen promotes a hunchback posture.
Herman Kaljo


Injury-proof yourself

Most of you will know that bad thoracic mobility can lead to missed lifts, due to the chest being unable to open up because of stiffness in the thoracic spine, which makes the lift harder by pushing the weight forward.

Furthermore, bad thoracic mobility makes it harder to get under the bar, minimizing power from the lower limbs (wider hand placement). Etcetera.

I’ve designed this workout in which the focus is purely on lateral thoracic flexion, rotation, extension, same for shoulders, and even includes some hip, knee, and ankle work.

Watch the video above or here, and download the PDF to get the 15-page step-by-step description of the exercises, and other workout details.

Tried this yesterday, excellent, back felt great afterwards. Did it slowly, concentrating on form & ROM with a 12KG bell as a warm up for some heavier lifting. Would recommend. I’ll be using it again, as an active recovery or as the title suggests, injury proofing restorative work. Good stuff Taco!
Andrew Jean

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