Strict Shoulder Press

The video above demonstrates the strict shoulder press and variations which are not considered strict. A strict shoulder press is a press where the focus is on control and not moving the weight by any other means than the shoulder. Other means to move the weight can be the spine by rotating it, bending it, or combining both rotation and bending.  The legs can also be used to move the weight which means the press is not a strict shoulder press.

A good strict shoulder press is where nothing but the shoulders move and the weight is pressed with control.

In other words, with a strict shoulder press, you should be moving the weight with the shoulder only and under total control. Strict means, stringent in requirement or control. Conforming completely to an established rule, principle, or condition. Just because you are using your deltoids as the prime mover does not mean your core or other muscle groups are not working, in fact, your abdominals, obliques, quadratus lumborum, erector spinae, and many other muscles will be doing a lot of work in the strict press. You’ll really feel your core more when you perform the strict press.

Note, you can also focus on strict up, strict up and down, or strict down.

In the video, the strict shoulder FRONT press is performed. The weight remains at the front, putting more emphasis on the anterior deltoid. There are plenty of other variations of the pressing angle.

An example of where the spine is used to press (move the weight) can be seen in the video below.

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