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There are two online kettlebell workout communities that we run for people to work out from home. One of the communities is free with nearly 32,000 members, and the other is paid with nearly 100 members. Below are the testimonials of Daniel Nux and Felipe Lopez from those communities.

Daniel Nux is a member of the free kettlebell community, he said:

The way kettlebells can flow from one move to the other is my favorite part about them. Also saving money by not going to a gym is another plus. I haven’t been in the shape I’m in now since high school 20 years ago. I can thank it all for discovering Cavemantraining by chance 2 years ago.

Daniel Nux

Next, is the testimonial of Felipe who has been a member of the paid community for a very long time. First I would like to talk about his journey. Felipe belongs to the most active members of the group and has progressed immensely. He used to put more focus on weight, reps, and time rather than that which keeps you in the game. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon, it’s something that most newcomers to the kettlebell world do.

As a kettlebell coach, previous gym owner, and having trained thousands of people across the world, it’s hard knowing what’s going to happen when you see someone is headed in the direction of injury. The Caveman Inner Circle was created to be a group where people come together that have the same goal, that of becoming the best they can be with kettlebells, and more importantly, stay safe and train effectively.

Luckily, Felipe became a great student and started to listen to feedback after I helped him get through a bout of elbow tendonitis. He bounced back and followed a safe path to progressing, he took notes, he worked on the areas that needed work, and most of all, he took advantage of all the support that comes with being a member of our online weekly kettlebell workout community. Now, he can train regularly and keep making progress. Without further ado, the following is Felipe’s testimonial.

Transcript of Felipe Lopez’s Testimonial

Hello Everyone, I’m Felipe Lopez 47 years old. I’ve always had an active lifestyle, not necessarily fitness-wise, but many of you will be able to relate to my anguish when the lockdown started. 

I found myself trapped inside an apartment with not much to do. Luckily I found a new world in kettlebells, the swiss army knife of fitness. I mean there is so much you can do with a kettlebell and 4 square feet.

I found out the hard way that as vast this discipline is, it’s also highly technical. In the beginning, I started looking at every video I could get my hands on and trying to copy everything I saw, many times I did things in a sloppy manner and programmed my workouts without any type of order following a bunch of youtube gurus, that sometimes gave me some value, but I think the lack of technique guidance and correct programming led me to a lot of non-consequential injuries that in the long run made me lose a lot of time. 

The Caveman Inner Circle helped focus my drive and has helped me in the programming in such a way that I’ve improved my loads, resistance, strength, and cardio minimizing injuries and having a blast with all the resources I can find in the community.

Leaving my ego at the door, as Taco so bluntly puts it might be in the end the most important lesson. This is a journey that has no end, there is always something to learn, something to improve. Allow yourselves to be helped, take advantage of this community and improve beyond your potential.

Felipe Lopez

Work Out From Home

Personally, I believe that one of the top benefits of our paid community is that professional coaching is included in the low monthly price. Paying a professional kettlebell coach for individualized coaching ranges anywhere from $60 to $120 an hour, and our online membership is only around $21 a month which allows you to work out from home.

Not everyone wants to post their videos in a group, and that’s not a problem, as the cost of the membership also includes access to one of the largest kettlebell workout libraries with 170+ kettlebell workout videos. People can work out from home by going to the follow-along videos, press play, and follow along. They can also choose to dive deeper and look at the dedicated technique, common mistakes, and alternative videos. They can ask questions. Post the full workout video they did or just a snippet on which they want feedback.

There really is no other online resource where at-home users and trainers can learn as much as they can in this community. Sure, there are live workouts, but live workouts require everyone to already know what they’re doing, they already need to have laid the foundation for working safely and correctly, which often is not, thus resulting in injury. Even worse, most of the time, people keep training through the injury, thinking it will go away, but it will only get worse and take them out of action for a very long time.

Check out Prometheus Phase II below which is also a part of the 170+ workouts in the library. Join our online community today!

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