Kettlebell Dead Clean

Kettlebell Dead Clean

Kettlebell dead clean: Push your hips low, keep your shoulders high, and stop when the hips stop going down. Elevate the weight or turn it into a hang clean instead of a dead clean if you can’t reach the handles without breaking form!

Here is a kettlebell combo with the dead clean. The video shows slow-motion movement so you can see the ankles bend, knees coming forward, and hip going low while the shoulders stay high.

Following is one more slow-mo video of the kettlebell dead clean.

“Age does not dictate how you move, how you move dictates how you age.

Taco Fleur

The following two videos contain some important information to fix your kettlebell dead clean and are super important.

Fix Your Kettlebell Dead Clean

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Learn to Kettlebell Dead Clean Online

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