The 3 Most Important Things to Make You GOOD at Kettlebells

The top 3 most important things to make you good at kettlebell training are:
  1. Kettlebell Technique
  2. Kettlebell Grips
  3. Kettlebell Racking

The second and third are really part of the first, but for this list, we are going to separate them.


We’ll start with the third and work our way down.

3) Kettlebell Grips

Gripping the kettlebell is something you’ll have to do no matter the exercise, hence, a super important part to become familiar with if you want to avoid injury and become efficient with kettlebell training. A good kettlebell grip is NOT just a tight grip on the handle and off we go! Good grip and grip transitions will become a difference between ripping your hands, blisters, bruising your arms, etc., or training efficiently and safely.


2) Kettlebell Racking

Racking a kettlebell is something you’ll have to do for most but not all kettlebell exercises. When you clean, you end up n racking. When you press or jerk, you start from racking, and so on. Proper racking is important for efficiency, safety, and power transfer. Watch the video at the top in which I explain some of the benefits of a good rack.


1) Kettlebell Technique

As I mentioned, there is nothing more important than proper kettlebell technique, and points 2 and 3 really fall under technique. Kettlebell technique is a method of accomplishing the desired outcome, like for example bringing a kettlebell from the ground to overhead, or moving a kettlebell from overhead into a backswing and back up into overhead (snatch). The little things that happen during that process are the technique that anyone should focus on.

Technique is how you perform:

  • Backswing
  • Upswing
  • Grip transition
  • Press out
  • Drop from overhead
  • Grip transition
  • Repeat

Technique is how you perform:

  • Hike back
  • Upswing
  • Grip transition
  • Rack
  • Knee dip
  • Squat under
  • Drop from rack
  • Grip transition
  • Backswing
  • Repeat


Kettlebell technique can be learned by just playing with the kettlebell and paying attention to the mistakes you make, this is the most rudimentary way of learning kettlebell training and the longest journey to becoming good at kettlebell training. Also the most injury-prone way of learning.

The next best thing is to interact with others in online kettlebell communities. Like the previous method, it’s also free, and it’s a great way of learning. It’s important to make sure you are taking advice from people that know what you want and this is where you need to be specific with what you are doing and want so that people can provide the correct advice. You’ll also need to develop a process to digest the different types of feedback you get, as a swing is not just a swing, a snatch is not just a snatch, and so on. In other words, a swing can be performed in many ways, and so can many other kettlebell exercises.

Another thing to keep in mind with getting information from a group is that you will hardly ever get all the information you need but rather receive small chunks of information, and that’s to be expected when you are not paying someone for their knowledge.

A great way to learn the correct technique is by spending time in person with a qualified kettlebell trainer, but, online is just a good if not better in some cases. Online training allows you to process the information at your own pace. online training usually involves having to film yourself and assess yourself and/or submit your video for assessment by a kettlebell coach. Online training can also provide you with visuals (screenshots) of your mistakes. If you join a group where you can submit your videos that are then stored against workouts or exercises that will allow you to also clearly see how you’ve progressed.

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