WOD Arnie Version II

Today’s WOD is a modified version of the CrossFit Arnie Hero WOD, the original:

With a single Kettlebell 32kg, 70 pounds, 2 pood. As per website.

Here’s why that drives me mad. The video below features a serious CrossFit Athlete,  Bill Grundler. You’ll see him with no full extension on the TGU, neither on the OH squat, neither on the American kettlebell swing; you’ll see him getting the kb overhead in a way that can cause serious injury, and you’ll see him falling down from the TGU.

Why is that such a problem you ask? I’ll explain further below.

It might seem like I’m always bashing CrossFit, I’m not, I’m just the annoying, exploring, non conforming, anal family member that insists on helping. Truth be told, I’ll bash anything that is incorrect, can be improved, or is unsafe, etc. Whether that happens to be in CrossFit, Kettlebells, or something else.

I’ve had people bashing on my door back when I had a lot to learn—FYI, I never stop learning—, now when I bash, I try to provide an alternative, deliver constructive criticism, put some effort into it rather than just a “That’s crap!”. People can like it or leave it.

Look, not everything is black or white, and if this video was from a small gym, no worries… BUT, this is CrossFit, a billion-dollar company with millions of followers. When you have that many followers and that kind of resource, you need to get it right. You can’t put out video(s) with crap form, a weight that’s way too heavy, and is going to cause injuries when other ego lifters see it.

Have a look at another video. Go on.

If CrossFit puts it out, it must be correct, right? If CrossFit says to do this with 32kg, then it must be 32kg I should work with. That’s how most people will think.

If everything in CrossFit is about standards, why put a video out that breaks all of them? So, no, it’s not alright, it’s pathetic that CrossFit lets this slide past the quality control department—I don’t think there is one.

So yes, I’m going to tell CrossFit how to run their business, F it… Here goes:

WOD Arnie II Modified

  • 21 Turkish Get-ups Left
  • 50 Single Arm Kettlebell Swings Left
  • 21 Overhead Squats Right
  • 50 Single Arm Kettlebell Swings Left

Switch sides

  • 21 Turkish Get-ups Right
  • 50 Single Arm Kettlebell Swings Right
  • 21 Overhead Squats Left
  • 50 Single Arm Kettlebell Swings Right


Weight: a weight that is safe for you to complete this with good form and technique


  • Full hip and knee extension at the end of TGU and squat
  • Squat depth: Hip bone touching the handle of a kettlebell; or hips below the knee line
  • Elbow locked out during OH squat and TGU
  • Controlled descent on the TGU
  • Kettlebell chest height on the top phase
  • The base of the kettlebell past the knees on the backswing
  • TGU performed step-by-step


This is a little 5-minute finisher to tag on after the main kettlebell workout. 5 minutes, as many rounds as possible.

  • 3 jumping jacks
  • 3 burpees

This is also a great little component that can be used as warm-ups.


If you’re not bored with my ramblings yet, here are some more.

We can all agree that in CF there is not much KB work done, most overhead work is performed in the Y position with a BB. Whereas any overhead kettlebell work is to be performed in U position, the weight needs to be right above the shoulders. Even though 32kg is 32kg whether it’s a KB or BB, the fact of the matter is, a KB feels much heavier due to the unilateral quality, the offset of the weight, etc. Take all this and the fact more shoulder mobility, strength, and flexibility is required. Why put out a video/workout where the ℞ is 32kg?

Post your rambling on this post here.


  • Must be able to reach required squat depth before progressing
  • Bodyweight overhead squat
  • 4kg dumbbell overhead squat
  • Bodyweight TGU
  • 4kg dumbbell TGU


  • 1 bodyweight TGU each side
  • 6 bodyweight hip hinge
  • 6 bodyweight squat

6 rounds

  • 1-minute alternating halo with a light kettlebell
  • 1-minute goblet squat
  • 1-minute alternating halo with a light kettlebell
  • 1-minute bodyweight alternating overhead squat


Kettlebell Strength Complex

Check out this awesome double kettlebell strength complex called Asgard.


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