World Kettlebell Video 2—The Gorilla Blackback Workout

Number one of the World Kettlebell Video was a huge success! Over 30 people from across the world participated, you can see the results in the three videos below.






The second world kettlebell video workout is the Gorilla Blackback workout and has been designed as three progressional level, beginners, intermediate, and advanced. This workout is V2 of the famous and awesome Silverback Workout, if you’ve been following Cavemantraining for a while, you’ll know this from 2016 and the remake in 2018. Discover how you too can join us in this fun project, full details here.


1 kettlebell

  • 4/4 x Rows (wide staggered stance elbow on knee)
  • 4/4 x Assisted Hang Cleans (double hand switch)
  • 4 x Double-arm Curls
  • 4 x Alternating Deadlift

Each round is followed by 30 seconds of rest
Complete 8 to 10 rounds


1 kettlebell

  • 4 x Alternating Gorilla Rows
  • 4 x Alternating Hang Cleans
  • 4/4 x Gorilla Curls (wide staggered stance elbow on knee)
  • 4 x Burpee Deadlift

Every two rounds 30 to 60 seconds rest
Complete 10 to 12 rounds


2 kettlebells

  • 4 x Gorilla Rows
  • 4 x Gorilla Cleans
  • 4 x Gorilla Curls
  • 4 x Renegade Rows Deadlift

20 minutes AMRAP


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