BJJ WOD for Crossfitters

I have quite a few routines I use for my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Strength & Conditioning and this is one of them, it’s for strength, cardio, explosiveness, and rotation (flexibility).

2 x handstand push-ups
6 x deadlift hip hinge style – 40, 50, 60, 70, 80% of your 1RM
6 x strict pull-ups

5 rounds

All exercises performed as slow as possible with complete control. Taking advantage of the up and down phase—concentric and eccentric contraction. So no kipping or bouncing.

Strength… no matter how many times you hear “you need technique, not strength” and no matter whether it’s true or not if you go against someone with the same skills your increased strength will be the deciding factor. You need strength, just like you need flexibility, mobility, speed, power, and explosiveness.

When programming I think about movement, movement in all directions, fast movement, explosive movement, rotation, flexibility, the following two WODs will address that.

WOD #1 10 minute AMRAP
Double kettlebells

5 x dead swing clean squat thrusters
5 x triceps push-ups
5 x sprawl jump and clap

Single kettlebell

2 x hang clean
2 x hang snatch
2 x spiral press
2 x overhead squat
L + R = 1
10 rounds for time

Make sure you check out the video at the top of the page.



The handstand push-up requires full body control and serious shoulder strength, great for pushing away.

The deadlift is great for overall strength, but especially the glutes, hammies and core muscles. I use a female bar so that the bar is thinner, harder to hold, this also working on my grip.

The pull-up is great for lat development, pulling things towards you and of course protecting your shoulders, making them stronger. I try to relax all arm muscles, especially the biceps and focus on the lats doing the work. TIP: think about pulling the elbow towards your hip.

All to be performed slow, strict and controlled, no rushing and plenty of resting.

From here we move on to Cardio, Explosiveness, Rotation, Flexibility and more.

The first is a short WOD 10 minutes AMRAP, so you can go all out, your aim is to get as many rounds out within the time. First kettlebell combo start always dead on the ground into a swing clean, squat thruster, nice smooth transitioning from one into the other, focus on a deep squat and then explode up.

Next are tricep push-up, go directly from putting your bells aside into push up position and pump five good tricep push-ups out, try and isolate the triceps during your reps, forearm vertical.

Last exercise from this WOD is sprawl jump and clap, the sprawl is obvious for grappling reasons, then the jump for explosiveness and the clap is for fun, great to hear everyone clap, also allows you to keep track of cheaters—but… the clap is also great for overhead mobility if you do it right and focus on range.


The second WOD is for time, meaning you have a task to complete, how fast can you complete it?

It’s two reps of each exercise, complete one side first, then the other side, that’s one round, in what time will you complete ten rounds?

First exercise is hang clean, then into hang snatch, spiral press (named it myself, read about it on our book Master The Kettlebell Press) and from there into the overhead squat. You have explosive exercises with rotation working on flexibility and mobility of the shoulders, thoracic spine, hips, knees and more…

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