Kettlebell Anatomy

The Kettlebell—A lump of metal with a handle. WRONG!

People that don’t get serious with the kettlebell only see a handle and a lump of metal, for the rest, they know it’s essential to know these things when you teach or are learning, especially when transitioning, and so on. For example, people that don’t know these things nor care probably use a broken wrist grip with their cleans and snatches, because they don’t understand the concept of opening up, inserting into the window, and moving the webbing between the thumb and index finger into the corner, to obtain a 45-degree angle of the handle within the palm.

They don’t understand that the arm should be positioned diagonally from the right corner to the bottom of the left horn and have the bell rest on the outside of the arm. This is another issue that most people have, they position the bell in the middle of their forearm, which creates pressure. See how I was able to describe something with ease and you can visualize things!?

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