How To Use a Kettlebell For Cardio

I filmed several How to Kettlebell videos, here is the transcript from the video on how to use a kettlebell for flexibility. You can watch the two videos on this page with the first one at the top of this page and the second one underneath.

Hello and welcome. How to use a kettlebell for cardio properly.

Hi, I’m Taco Fleur, a certified kettlebell coach and owner of Cavemantraining. I’m going to talk to you about how to use a kettlebell for cardio properly.

When working out with kettlebells you want to pick kettlebell exercises that raise the heart rate and that you can keep doing for a longer period of time, exercises like the swing, snatch, jerk, push press, etc. I’ll show you how to perform these exercises in a bit.

In steady-state cardio, your weight needs to be moderate and not so heavy that you can’t maintain the pace for the set out duration. If your weight is too heavy then you will fail, you’ll need to stop, rest, and recover before you can go again. A heavier weight is more suited for interval training.

In high-intensity cardio, your weight can be a bit heavier as you want it to be harder and you know you won’t last as long as you would with a steady-state cardio session. How long you’ll last with the given intensity will depend on your conditioning, the more you perform the same workout with the same weight, the longer you will last.

In high-intensity interval, your weight can be even heavier than for the high-intensity cardio as the idea is that you are only able to maintain whatever you’re doing for the work interval and then rest before the next interval. Of course, you can also go lighter and then increase the number of total intervals.

Let’s dive into some of these kettlebell exercises for cardio. 

  • Swing Best mixed with another exercise or programmed as alternating
  • snatch
  • jerk
  • push press

The jerk and push press is great to combine with a clean which looks as follows.

There are many videos on our channel that go into more details which I highly recommend you check out, for example; how to rack a kettlebell, how to hold a kettlebell, how to do a kettlebell squat, and the list goes on.

If you love a good high-intensity cardio workout then you should check out The Pace Maker Protocol.

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