How To Use a Kettlebell For Flexibility

I filmed several How to Kettlebell videos, here is the transcript from the video on how to use a kettlebell for flexibility. You can watch the two videos on this page with the first one at the top of this page and the second one underneath.

Hey guys! How to use kettlebells for flexibility properly.

I’m Taco Fleur, a certified kettlebell coach and owner of Cavemantraining. I’m going to talk to you about how to use kettlebells for flexibility properly.

Some great kettlebell exercises to work on flexibility are the kettlebell Windmill, bent press, squat, reverse lunge, Jefferson curl, racked Curtsy lunge, side bent, and so on. Of course, these all work for strength and stability as well.

When working for flexibility, you want to focus on the joints and ROM. You want to increase the ROM in your joints. Joints like the ankles, hips, spine, shoulders, wrists, and you want to work them from all angles. You even want to focus on the knees, but the knees and elbows usually do not have any major ROM issues as they are a hinge joint and often taken through their ranges. 

Let’s have a look at some of these exercises:

  • Windmill 
  • Bent press 
  • Squat 
  • Reverse lunge 
  • Jefferson curl 
  • Side bent

There are so many more, but one that I really recommend you check out is the Racked Curtsy and other variations. HERE, HERE, AND HERE.

For those interested in flexibility under load, check out CAVEMANROM on our channel, there will be plenty of videos with kettlebell exercises that you’ve not seen before and are original to Cavemantraining. 

If you have a keen interest in this topic then look at getting certified online. 

Mobility is often confused with being the same as flexibility, it’s not! Mobility is about the ease of movement, movement without aches or pains, and there are a lot of attributes that assist in increasing mobility. CAVEMANROM is perfect for mobility as it focuses on ROM, strength, stability, coordination, flexibility, and so much more, all aspects that increase mobility.

If you’re looking for an awesome and popular kettlebell workout to work on your mobility then check out the THORAX workout here.

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