The Juggernaut WOD Functional Fitness Workout

The Juggernaut WOD—mercilessly destructive and unstoppable

This WOD will destroy you, then it will build you up, do it frequently and it will turn you into a Juggernaut.

Your First Task

  • Dead to overhead (two heavy kettlebells) x 3
  • CrossFit burpees x 6
  • Slamball over shoulder x 6

8 minutes AMRAP
4 minutes rest

Your Second Task

  • Full snatch (one heavy kettlebell) x 3
  • CrossFit burpees x 3
  • Slamball clean and 10m/32ft distance x 2

6 minutes AMRAP
4 minutes rest

Your Third And Final Task

  • Single arm swings (one heavy kettlebell) x 6
  • Slamball dead to overhead x 3

6 minutes AMRAP

… and you’re done!

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