Kettlebell Fundamentals: the pull-out

The kettlebell hand pull-out

There are things that commonly come up with kettlebell training, there are things you only get from the experts, and then there are things that just don’t get the coverage it deserves.

For example, the kettlebell hand insert which is extremely important for cleans, snatches and transitions to anything else that is overhead has a brother, behold the kettlebell pull-out.


Where as the kettlebell hand insert is important for racking and anything overhead, the kettlebell hand pull-out is just as important for anything on the down-phase, understanding the pull-out can help prevent calluses and other issues. The pull-out is used for most if not all down phases of the kettlebell after:

  • snatching
  • cleaning
  • racking


The pull-out always transitions to the hook grip or closed hook grip, the most important part here is to get the pull-out right so that the handle shifts from a 45 degree angle within the palm to a hook grip within the fingers and avoid causing friction within the palm, i.e. bypassing the area.

The pull-out however easy it sounds, is not something that everyone immediately gets, like anything with kettlebell training, it’s a journey of learning step by step, don’t be discouraged if you don’t get it straight away, nor if you don’t get it after a while, my own journey has taken over 7 years and I still have a lot to learn.


I personally like to perform the ‘pull-out’ with a little bump, lean back and pull-out or drop and pull-out, it all depends on what the transitioning exercise is and truth be told, with me it also depends on how fluid I feel and how many continuous reps I’m doing.


The motion of the elbow during the pull-out is different depending on whether you’re going down into a swing or down for a hang or dead clean.

Most common mistakes made with the down phase and pull-out:

  • not pulling out at all
  • excessive pull-out
  • casting out
  • gripping too tight


There will be more things that can be covered in regards to the pull-out and I will do so, so stay tuned, leave your email below if you want to be notified.

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