Caveman Kettlebell Swing Priming Routine

The Caveman Kettlebell Swing Priming Routine that allows a better connection with your muscles and prepares them for the swings is as follows:



  • Single leg hip circles
  • Jumping jacks
  • Prone hip and thoracic hyperextension into pike
  • Runners lunge
  • Arms overhead
  • Runners lunge and twist


Muscle priming

  • Prone single leg hip hyperextensions
  • Prone thoracic hyperextensions
  • Kneeling hip extensions
  • Kneeling lunge and pulse
  • True hip hinge
  • Quarter squat
  • Shoulder circles

The idea behind the priming is fully explained in the free PDF you can download below. The PDF has all the exercises listed with photos, the number of reps, duration, etc.

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