1 Arm Ballistic 360 Slams

Rotational exercises are a crucial portion of any training program. Contrary to what we typically see in a gym, our bodies rotate in more places than just the core, a.k.a.- abs.


Nobody’s a stranger to the “rotator cuff”, and it’s tendency to get strained, pulled, or torn. So, what’s the missing piece? What can we do to help mitigate a lot of injuries that occur in the shoulders and neck?


Rotate more! This demonstration doesn’t seem to be a huge rotational movement. It requires shoulder and core strength, but above all, mobility. This movement specifically targets the SITS muscles, with the lats, serratus, and anterior hip being worked secondarily.


Begin with the hammer in a one-handed, balanced position in front of you.

The head of the hammer is going to be doing a 360, taking the path around the opposite side of your head and shoulders (internal rotation of the shoulder).

Let the momentum build tension in the anterior portions of your serratus, lat, core, and anterior hips.

As the head of the hammer begins to follow through its path of momentum, build the tension in your shoulder to direct the hammer forward and down.

From here, EXPLODE! Pull your elbow quickly and powerfully to your side.

Remove the same side leg from the path of the hammer by performing a reverse lunge movement, and slam the hammer down using the momentum of your body as you hinge your hips back and follow through with the strike.



Unlock the video below.


*Always learn proper progressions when training new movements. I recommend practicing this movement with a club, or a bat before taking on the hammer.


Video by Jeff Bott from OuRevolution Training, edited by Taco Fleur from Cavemantraining.



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