Kettlebell Rotational Exercises for the Core

In this video, I perform several kettlebell rotational exercises for the core. I’ll also increase the challenge of stability by bringing the feet closer together which will require even more core work.

The core is much more than just the abs. A weak core affects everything you do. Good core strength is the beginning of your strength journey.

Good core exercises are those that challenge your stability during movement and exertion of force. Rotational exercises are extremely good to challenge the core but not without having laid the proper foundation and understanding the movements first.

Performing rotational exercises with a load while missing thoracic or mobility in other areas is asking for serious trouble. Rotational exercises are especially beneficial for sports like MMA, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Golf, Tennis, Baseball, etc. Complete our 21-day Caveman Mobility Program to understand the movements and become more mobile.


0:00 My feet are wider at the start while performing half of a rotational clean and alternating sides. Part of the rotational clean is a hip hinge and thoracic rotation. Unlike the majority of kettlebell cleans, this one is not entirely powered by the lower body.


0:26 I execute the dead half rotational clean. This is all pulling without any momentum. You need to be warm for this in the right areas.


0:45 I add half of the spiral press to the movement. Most of the rotation during the press should come from the thoracic.


1:22 I perform the clean and move straight into what resembles a bent press. The thoracic is rotated and I’m coming more under the weight than pressing the weight. My feet are also closer together which will challenge the core a lot more.


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