IKFF Level 1 Test Explained

IKFF Level 1 Assessment / Test Explained (with video)

In 2016 I had the honour of participating in an IKFF Level 1 Certification, to pass the certification you need to successfully complete a tough test which is the IKFF Level 1 Assessment that consists out of 100 hand to hand swing switches, 32 1 arm clean and press, 60 snatches and 30 front squats.

Not everyone passed the test on the day. Prepare yourself. Following is a video I took of the test and put online for you to get a better understanding of that is required from you, check it out below.

Make sure you also check out the up to date and official requirements on their website here.

I also shot some awesome footage with Steve Cotter at my place on the Costa del Sol, check out his juggling and kb skills below. Hold on, it gets even better, I also shot the new History of the kettebell with Steve Cotter on the beach, still working on processing the footage, but it’s going to be awesome, make sure you check out my channel and facebook to stay up to date when it’s published.


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