Kettlebell Snatches ripped calluses

100 Kettlebell Snatches, CrossFitters be like ….

You see it every now and again in online communities, a post of hands completely ripped after doing a large number of cleans or snatches. I’ll be honest, I also have boasted about it, because it’s kind of like “Look at me, I did not give up, I completed what I set out to do!”. But now, I won’t go there again, unless I was in an important kettlebell competition that I trained up for.

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Cavewoman and TOUGH Mother

We chose to feature Sandra’s amazing story on our website because her story is a story of an amazing women that is a mom (TOUGH MOTHER), house-wife, business professional and super athlete all at the same time, and one that most people whether female or male can relate to when it comes to joining a new club

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Cavemantraining Quick Intro

The Caveman Training method has the following incredible results-driven programs available to smash you into shape so quickly you didn’t even see it coming: Caveman Circuit – Functional training at its best Caveman Interval – High intensity, quick results Caveman MMA – Train like a fighter Caveman Boot Camp – Better than the military! Caveman Kettlebells – Real, genuine

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Why Cavemantraining?

A Safe, Effective GPP Programme The hot new fitness trend is ‘functional fitness,’ sometimes also referred to as ’GPP’, General Physical Preparation. That’s a shift away from the kind of training that you’d see in a traditional gym, which is maybe why the gym industry’s not doing so well these days. Some GPP programs will

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