Being Too Old Is Just an Excuse

Being Too Old Is Just an Excuse!

The mentality of a fitness enthusiast, whether CrossFit, Kettlebells, Mace, Sandbags etcetera:

How much do you want it and what are you willing to do for it?



Being Too Old Is Just an Excuse!

No I’m not being too harsh at all. Not being able to bend down and tie your shoe laces is not something that is predefined for every human being that grows older and neither is not being able to hip hinge and touch the ground with your hands.

There are no such things that are predefined, it’s simply a matter of, are you using it, are you training it, are you working to get better at it?

Because if you’re not, then you’re losing it, not due to age, but due to laziness or not caring, whether that is not looking after your digestive system, mobility, strength, cardio or anything else.

You're never too old quote

Of course there is also the part of injuries as you’re getting older, but that again is not something that is written in stone [the older thy gets, the more injuries thy will have] is written no where. It could be that you’re just not training smarter.

I believe that everything you do is interconnected and has consequences, whether good or bad. If I remain healthy of mind and body, if I keep learning, if I keep training and always strive to be better, if I don’t experience any physical mishaps, then I believe that I’m only getting better and will retain my abilities for a long time to come.

Absolutely. Being an older person is all the more reason to step it up. ~Mike Drury 72 Years Of Age

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