ARSENAL—Kettlebell Workout With 1 or 2 Kettlebells

ARSENAL—A kettlebell workout for power, cardio, and mobility

Workout: ARSENAL
Goals: Power, cardio, and mobility
Kettlebell: Double and single
Task(s): 4

This kettlebell workout has double kettlebell work followed by a slow and controlled bodyweight task to work on range and mobility which is also used as active recovery. That’s followed up by repeating the high-intensity task 1, and then we end with some abdominal work.

Kettlebell Workout


4 × jumping jacks
2 × hip hinge into arms overhead
2 minutes

Hip circle
Frankenstein kick (opposite side)
Repeat on the other side
2 minutes

2 rounds


Task 1

Double kettlebell combo:

  • Dead swingsnatch
  • Half snatch
  • Racked squat

Bodyweight combo:

  • 2 x triceps push up
  • Downward dog
  • Upward dog

8-minute AMRAP

Scoring equals rounds times weight

Task 2

Alternating reverse lunge and twist into side bend
4 x squat into knee extension
6 minutes

Task 3

Repeat task 1

Task 4

  • Side crunch
  • Crunch
  • Side crunch
  • Toe tap crunch
  • 2 x cross-mountain climber

12 rounds FOR TIME

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