Kettlebells For Complete Beginners—First Day

This is kettlebells for absolute complete beginners!


Welcome to one of the most important and fundamental tutorials for kettlebell beginners. This is the first thing you should learn, the first thing you should teach, everything you do from here on and how you do it hinges on the most important things I will teach you for free, today, right here, right now:

  • Hand insert
  • Corkscrew
  • Assisting
  • Lifting
  • Cleaning
  • And even some basics on the kettlebell swing

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If you’ve not seen the video yet, make sure you unlock the video below, it’s 18 minutes in duration covering the basics step-by-step. It shows you how to do the assisted kettlebell clean AKA cheat clean, how to progress from that to a swing clean which is the most common clean you’ll see in kettlebell training. I will show you assistance drills and exercises you’ve not seen before. If you’re a complete novice to kettlebell training, i.e. you started today, this is what you need to learn, it’s what I teach in my own kettlebell classes, it’s what you should teach if you teach others kettlebell training.

The video below will show you step by step how to progress, how to guide the kettlebell, how to find the right path, not going out too far, too high or banging the kettlebell on the arm and how to prevent wrist pain.

Video: Kettlebells For Complete Beginners

Download Kettlebell Beginner PDF—First Day

If you have seen the video already and you’re here to download the PDF with all the information from the video plus much more, you can do so here or below, I’ll also list links to all the info mentioned in the video so you can easily access them.



Kettlebell Training Fundamentals

Should you wish to take things a little further and learn the fundamentals of the most common exercises in kettlebell training, the ones that might be giving you problems right now, maybe it’s shoulder pain, knee pain, back pain, wrist pain, elbow pain etc. in this book I cover everything I’ve learned over the past 10+ years teaching thousands of people how to work with kettlebells. I cover the common mistakes and how to avoid them step by step.

Buy the book online, direct download.

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Kettlebell Beginner Progression

The key in your first few days of kettlebell training as a beginner is to focus on safely lifting the weight, the squat movement is the safest, most people do not yet have the ability to hip hinge properly, learning the hip hinge is just as important, but should be attempted with bodyweight first, in the meantime, focus on lifting, corkscrewing the kettlebell around the first—not over—, proper hand insert and getting comfortable with racking. From there you progress to deadlift or hang lift (depending on your flexibility) with weight, then start working on explosiveness. Do not take shortcuts, lay a proper foundation, don’t rush your kettlebell training journey which I know you will enjoy immensely if you take it step by step.


Free 38 Minute Kettlebell Swing Tutorial

There are more resources for kettlebell beginners right here, all covering fundamental foundations for pro kettlebell training, courtesy of Cavemantraining.

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