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FREE Ebook: Kettlebells For Complete Beginners—First Day

61 reviews


This ebook covers the basics for kettlebell training, the things you need to learn on your first day of kettlebell training: lifting, hand insert, corkscrew and racking. It will also cover a few basics for the swing and show progressions from lifting to assisted clean, from assisted clean to swing clean and so on. The ebook also refers to a free 22 minutes video which you’ll get access to.

Learning how to clean a kettlebell properly is an extremely important part of racking, all overhead presses require you to bring the weight from a lower position into racking position. Not knowing how to clean is a sure way to get injured and working out inefficiently.


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61 reviews for FREE Ebook: Kettlebells For Complete Beginners—First Day

Based on 61 reviews
  1. luigi centi (Verified Customer)

    ottimo per comincisre

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  2. carole viens (Verified Customer)

    Great for starters

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  3. Michael Cash (Verified Customer)

    Very good workout information.

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  4. Anonymous (Verified Customer)


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  5. Robert Haley (Verified Customer)

    Very basic information that is very useful for someone who’s never used a kettlebell before.

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  6. Nella Sofia Gasparini (Verified Customer)

    Very good

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  7. Shantanu Sapru (Verified Customer)

    This is a simple review which hopefully captures my delight with this e-book: Everyone should try & get this, and go through it, and try & incorporate its philosophies/methods — these will greatly benefit all — be they novices or intermediates!
    The safety-first, no-ego-lifting approach gels well with my mindset & philosophy as well…
    Summarily: An EXCELLENT resource for beginners!!

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  8. Giorgos Darras (Verified Customer)

    Every Taco’s article in paper books , free pdf or Ebook is a detailed guide for the beginners like me . Thanx Taco for everything !

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  9. Robert Smith (Verified Customer)

    An excellent complement to the Racking Book. As well, I really like the way the book and video work together so well.

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  10. ilias mastathis (Verified Customer)

    Just what I wanted thank you ☺️

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  11. Luis Pichardo (Verified Customer)

    Very good

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  12. Michal C. (Verified Customer)

    Very good quality

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  13. Charlotte R. (Verified Customer)

    I just started using Kettlebells and will not be using more than 10lbs. I needed to know how to properly handle a kettlebell without injuring myself. A wealth of information.

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  14. Shantanu Sapru (Verified Customer)

    Nice, clear instructions.

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  15. Hizzi (Verified Customer)

    Great program, well detailed informative

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  16. Óscar (Verified Customer)

    Good information

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  17. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Great experience

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  18. Sören Lundqvist (Verified Customer)

    All good.

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  19. D H. (Verified Customer)


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  20. Tito T. (Verified Customer)

    Very detailed and informative.

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  21. Roswitha (Verified Customer)

    A lot of good information that helps to use kettlebells correctly.

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  22. Tristan Mulcahy (Verified Customer)

    It’s all good the content I do not like having to punch in a password every time I open and reopen the PDFs

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  23. panourgias panagiotopoulos (Verified Customer)

    very good

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  24. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Good read for beginners to kettlebells.

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  25. Jarrah Alobaidli (Verified Customer)

    I did not expect that valuable info in free PDF book. Thanks Taco,you are helping people to grow with knowledge

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  26. Charl M. (Verified Customer)


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  27. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Good starting point

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  28. Carlos Gabriel A. (Verified Customer)

    Nice and clear, but would be good to include link to videos, explaining the movements

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  29. elad levi (Verified Customer)

    Thanks for amazing free stuff!

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  30. Mike C. (Verified Customer)

    I’m a kettlebell newbie and this helped a lot! Very detailed and easy to follow.

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  31. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Amazing book with extremely helpful details

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  32. Giorgio F. (Verified Customer)


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  33. Laurent (Verified Customer)

    Thank you Taco, it’s always important to return to the fundamentals.

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  34. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    well done

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  35. Austin C. (Verified Customer)

    Lots of valuable info

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  36. David H. (Verified Customer)

    Great read a must have

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  37. Glenn Thomas (Verified Customer)

    Great info

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  38. Stephan Sandoval (Verified Customer)

    Should be required reading for every serious kettlebell enthusiast!

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  39. Michael Matulich (Verified Customer)

    I reccomend that you check out the full 21 day course for beginners so that you don’t miss anything.

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  40. Jose Z. (Verified Customer)

    It really helps to me start my kettlebell training in a safe way and with an understanding of the basics principles of this amazing sport

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  41. Corey (Verified Customer)

    Emailed Taco for guidance and his recommendation. He responded very quickly and loved this intro. Excited for my kettlebell journey!

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  42. Jonathan Ybarra (Verified Customer)


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  43. Frank Sandøy (Verified Customer)

    I want too see if this is a good book for others that want to try kettlebell. And it is.

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  44. Harold Holland (Verified Customer)

    Very good book

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  45. Jean-Robert Rioux (Verified Customer)

    Get the basics covered for Kb lifting 🙂

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  46. MICHAEL TARZWELL (Verified Customer)

    Priceless information. Completely explained. Video step by step instruction. A virtual personal trainer, available anywhere, anytime – how can you get any better than that

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  47. Big Daddy (Verified Customer)

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  48. Roi P. (Verified Customer)

    Needed that one.

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  49. michelle peter (Verified Customer)

    Great info, very informative

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  50. Vincent B. (Verified Customer)

    I think this is an awesome workout with Kettlebels. Really impressed and satisfied with the purchase!

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  51. Erick R. (Verified Customer)

    Excellent, easy to follow instruction. Great information.

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  52. Joey (Verified Customer)

    Taco in my opinion is one of the best if not the best Kettlebell enthusiast and instructor around. This book shows just that.