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Today you’re getting access to an awesome strength workout we do. It’s a team based workout, so it’s even more fun, it’s what we call the ‘Caveman Buddy’ system.

It works like this, first you have your warm-up etc. then you pair your members up in teams of two, this is a hard job as you’ll need to make fair even teams. If you have an uneven number you will need to jump in and fill a team. Weights are scaled to the person, so best to put people together in a team that use the same amount of weight.



The full WOD is as following

  • 200 dead swing clean and press
  • 100 renegade rows
  • 50 farmer walks 20m
  • 20 overhead walks 20m

Cut off time is 75 minutes, average time is 60 minutes to complete.

The half WOD is

  • 100 dead swing clean and press
  • 500 renegade rows
  • 30 farmer walks 10m
  • 10 overhead walks 10m

Cut off time is 45 minutes, average time is 30 minutes to complete.


Here is the most important thing, there is no work unless one person is in the full plank, as soon as that one person comes out of the plank, the other stops working.  Since no one will pay attention to this, the person in the plank will yell the partners name out, on which he/she will immediately stop working by putting the equipment down. For the half WOD you can also include the static squat (coming with hips to knee line) as an option.


The next thing is honestly and remembering, if it’s in your head it can easily go from 40 to 50, of course you can forget or make a mistake, so let’s avoid that and to do so, here is what we do. Every rep gets counted out loud. As an example, athlete A starts the first exercise while athlete B holds the plank, A goes, “one”, “two”, “three” and so on, then walks over to the partner and says “swap thirty-three” or whatever the last number he got out was, then he assumes plank while his partner continues the reps at thirty-four and so on.


The Exercises

These four exercises literally challenge every muscle in your body… actually, it’s five exercises with the plank included.

I don’t have a video of the dead swing clean and press with double kettlebells, but you can see the first part, dead swing clean and press here or below with only one kettlebell.


I call it a dead swing clean, as a dead clean is going up directly, i.e. kettlebell is positioned between your legs, with this version the kettlebell goes from dead into swing and clean.

You can see the renegade rows in action here, remember, row into your hips, work the rear delts, not your biceps by pulling them towards your shoulders, if it starts to happen, rest! 1 rep is a tricep push-up and two rows.

Everyone knows farmers walks, use something nice and heavy, two 40kg kettlebells is nice, of course depending on the abilities of your members. If you don’t have heavy kettlebells you can use weight plates, also better for grip.

The overhead walks can again be done with kettlebells, this works more on stabilisation, but can also be done with a barbell overhead. If the weights is not overhead, there is no walking!

The distance is set to something achievable in one walk for most people, but you can easily reduce it to 5m or whatever you have available and just increase the number of walks/reps.

Everything is performed with double kettlebell, but of course you can chose to modify exercises for different people if required, they can work with one kettlebell if they’re not used to working with two. The weights can be different for all exercises, but I recommend 60% of 1RM press, so if you press 30kg with one arm you would be using 18kg on each side, it’s highly likely that you can use the same weight for your renegade rows and for the overhead walk, that would leave just a heavier weight for the farmer walks, which I recommend at 110% of 1RM press.

Communication between buddies is vital, you want to not go to exhaustion, train wisely, the more you work in the fatigue zone, the slower you’ll be with your time. Perform as many high quality safe reps as you can while staying outside fatigue zone, swap and try to recover in plank position. Remember, lat activation is vital in this workout, especially in the plank.

Have fun, and as always, your comments below or on this Facebook post. Post your videos on our Facebook, show us and the world you’re having fun with the Caveman Buddy system.

Don’t forget, if you do our workouts, a little shout out here and there won’t hurt!

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