Cavemantraining buddy system

Caveman Buddy System

Many years ago we started something that we like to call the ‘Caveman Buddy’ system, and we’ve been implementing it in different formats of training, circuit training, boot camp, WODs and strength training. it’s awesome, if you’re not doing it yet, you should!

We first started using this in our Caveman Circuit Training many years ago back in Australia, we then implemented it in our Caveman Strength sessions as well, and it’s absolutely perfect, people love it. In Caveman Strength the coaches pair people up with similar ability so can they then work together for the whole session. In the WODs it’s more about pairing so that all teams are equal.

Caveman buddy systemIn circuit training it’s awesome because you get to use one station for two people, allowing you to take in more people for your session. Working with the ‘Caveman Buddy’ system is great for many reasons, not only does it provide motivation to work harder than your buddy, it allows you to ask questions and get support during the session, not just from the coach, but also from your buddy.

Where I personally love the whole ‘Caveman Buddy’ idea is in our Caveman Strength sessions, it’s awesome, as a coach your focus is on warming your clients up, explaining the exercises, explain how to spot/assist their buddy and what they should be looking out for, then you spend your time walking through the class and doing what you normally do. The awesome thing with the ‘Caveman Buddy’ system is that people get their required rest in, which is especially important in strength classes.

Here is a nice little WOD that uses the Caveman Buddy system, check it out.


Implement the Caveman buddy system and let us know. Post below or on this Facebook post.

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