Supine Spinal Twist and Kettlebell Flye—Back Stretch to Fix Back Pain

This is another kettlebell/stretch combo from the suite of CAVEMANROM kettlebell exercises for mobility, flexibility, and strength. I call this the Supine Spinal Twist Flye Combo or SSTF. The combination is a dynamic supine spinal twist with a kettlebell flye on one side.

I designed this kettlebell mobility combo to stretch the back/spine and work the core. The supine spinal twist combined with a kettlebell flye. The great thing is that light load is added to the opposite side of where the legs turn to, this keeps the opposite side (loaded side) closer to the ground and gives a deeper stretch. While bringing the legs up and performing the flye you also have two opposing forces which is great for the core.

Click here to see the video on YouTube.


To perform:

  • Lay on the floor in a supine position
  • Knees to one side (preferably touching the ground)
  • Holding on to the kettlebell on the opposite side
  • Elbow straight or slightly flexed
  • Bring the knees up
  • Perform the flye
  • Both the knees and kettlebell will align at the top
  • Keep the kettlebell where it is and continue with the knees
  • Keep moving the knees to the other side
  • Bring the knees are as far as comfortably possible
  • Bring the knees back up
  • The knees and kettlebell meet at the top
  • Keep going and start the down phase of the flye
  • Both the knees and kettlebell should come down in sync but opposite sides
  • Repeat or switch sides

To be performed with a light or medium weight.


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