Get Up Without Using Your Hands—7 GET UP VARIATIONS

Getting down and up from the floor without using your hands is not only a good demonstration of athleticism but also super cool and functional.

Getting up without hands is an ability everyone should obtain and retain, especially as they get older. The video above demonstrates 7 get down and get up variations and according to my research, the most variations put together in one video/article.


How can I stand up from the floor without hands?

Here are 7 no hands get up variations that I put together to demonstrate how to get up from the floor without using your hands:

  1. Hindu Get Up
  2. Tailor Get Up
  3. Knee Jump Get Up
  4. Deck Squat Get Up
  5. Shin Box Get Up
  6. Lunge Get Up
  7. Pistol Get Up
  8. Curtsy Get Up (not filmed yet)


Training any of these is something everyone should do for plenty of reasons. It’s especially great for MMA/BJJ fighters and can also be used as drills for warming up.

How many can you do?

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Hindu Squat

Here is a variation of the Hindu squat with kettlebells overhead. You should learn the bodyweight Hindu squat before the Hindu get up.


Deck Squat Variation

Here is a deck squat variation as a combo with a kettlebell. The kettlebell is actually great to provide counterbalance that can be used to make it easier to get up.


Kettlebell Shin Box Get Up

Here is a variation of the shin box get up with kettlebells which adds load to the movement.


Pistol Squat

Here is a very old video of a pistol squat progression which you should use to learn the pistol squat before the pistol get up.





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