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How to Build Sculptured Abs Like a Spartan

How to Build Sculptured Abs Like a Spartan

When Gerard Butler showed up with washboard abs for the 2006 movie 300, the media went crazy. What was his secret?...
Include Pulling in Your Training

Are You Including Pulling in Your Training?

When you talk about basic exercise movements, most people will think squat, deadlift, push-up, press, and pulling usually takes the back...
Correcting the chin up

How to Spot and Correct a Common Chin-Up Deficiency

There is a common deficiency I see with some of my athletes during the chin-up. Even though I know they're strong, I know...
Bodyweight leg complex

Bodyweight Leg Complex

A lovely bodyweight leg complex being demonstrated by Jenni, Cossack, seated internal rotation, pistol   A lovely bodyweight leg complex being demonstrated by...
Pull-up chin-up

Pull-Ups: Are You Doing Them Correctly?

Fun fact: the Brachialis (not biceps) is the prime mover for elbow flexion.  You could say that the bicep curl should actually...

Bar Stick Mobility Flow

There are so many aspects and modalities of training movement that it's an ongoing of games, play and exploration of freedom...

What Is the Hip Hinge? What’s All the Fuzz?

The Hip Hinge together with the Squat are two of the most fundamental and primal exercises in existence. There is quite...

True Definition of the Squat and Hip Hinge Exercise

The Definition of a Squat and Hip Hinge Yes, you know what a squat is, you probably even know how to perform...
Back pain and aches

Back Aches and Pains: Kettlebell Swing, Deadlift, CrossFit Barbell Clean etc.

I've decided to release a small part of the Amazon listed book on the hip hinge for free. I've recently rewritten...
Burpees are bad

Don’t Do Another Burpee EVER AGAIN

Don't Do Another Burpee EVER AGAIN ... until you know how to execute them correctly!   You'll have heard of the Burpee if you're...

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