How to easily attain mobility

How to Easily Attain Mobility with One Little Change

So, you’ve been training for years, your biceps are huge, your chest is like a gorilla, and your legs are built like a brick shit house (that’s a compliment). But you decided it’s time to start looking after yourself because all those huge stiff muscles are looking good but not feeling good and are obstructing your freedom to move. Perhaps you have none of the above but feel like it’s time to start looking after yourself anyway and are wondering where to start. Relax, I got ya.

Let’s approach this from the angle of making it the easiest for you without too many changes, here’s how you attain mobility with just one simple change. Enter Caveman Mobility.


Start testing range within your current training. It’s truly that simple to start with. What I mean by that is you start thinking about how you can create more range within the exercises you’re already doing. Let’s take for example the good old pull-up, you’ll probably jump up to the bar, pull yourself up and release, or come down half-way and go again. That’s great for strength, but let’s look at this exercise and how we can get mobility out of it just by adding 2 or 3 more seconds to the exercise and some care and thought.

  1. Jump on to the bar
  2. Hang
  3. Look ahead
  4. Push the chest out
  5. Feel the chest and scapulae opening up
  6. Contract the lats and perform the pull-up
  7. Slowly lower
  8. Come into a hang
  9. Push the head through the arms and look ahead
  10. Slightly and carefully release the tension to feel more of a pull around the scapulae
  11. Release

You just added work for shoulder mobility.

(pronounced as AM CRAP but far from it)


Another great and simple example is triceps push-up. You’ll probably push into the ground come into extension and release to where the elbows are in line with the back. How about you go slightly deeper and take advantage of shoulder extension? Like with anything you’ll be doing when testing range, go slow, progress slow, stay safe, and make sure it never hurts.


There are literally so many exercises that you’re already doing and can be turned into mobility training just by spending quality time on them, slow them down, work on perfection, and work on range.

Hey guys, new here. Wanted to share the sots press for mobility. from r/kettlebell


Before I leave you thinking about this and running to the gym to try it out, here are two more.

Jumping jacks, most people just flop the arms up with elbows bent, but what if after you’re warm you started to work that shoulder range more, think to end up with the elbows fully extended and the palms touching each other at the top… hmmm

The last idea, for now, this is one I really would like to see being done better across the globe. You know the swing our arms to one side and then to the other like we just don’t care warm-up exercise that the trainer shouts out but doesn’t really know what for, but it looks cool. I’m talking thoracic rotation. This one is done without much thought and I’ve personally heard not many trainers explain what is being worked or why those arms are thrown from side to side. It’s for thoracic rotation and you’re priming that erector spinae and other muscles in the back if you do it right. Start doing them with more care and range, I’ll show you how in this video where I warm-up for the Iron Man Workout.


What is mobility or mobility training?

Mobility is not just the product of flexibility, it’s a combination of strength, flexibility, stability, control, good mind-muscle connection (MMC). It’s the ease at which you can reach the max ROM. If you simply make the above change in your training you will already be mobility training.

If you want to learn the exercises I include in my own training daily, in my warm-up, in my rest during strength, after my intense workouts, if you want an easy to follow 21-day program, check out Caveman Mobility Program, here on this website or Amazon.


Why care about mobility?

There are many reasons as to why you would want to care about mobility, but here are a few to name:

  1. Less chance of injury
  2. Increased performance
  3. Move with grace
  4. Maintain your self-worth
  5. Feel better
  6. Move with ease
  7. Maintain your dignity



Whether you’re 30, 40, 50, 90, it’s never too late, never. Whatever you do now, if you do it right and with commitment, you will improve and become a better version of yourself. You can make a simple change today that will have a ripple effect on the rest of your life.

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