“The problem is my body is pretty stiff” 10 KB Exercises to Challenge ROM

“The problem is my body is pretty stiff, which is no surprise with the life I’ve been living. Maybe there are some better/easier/more suited methods, routines etc. for a completely unsporty guy like me?”

Maybe you can relate to this question. For those that do, here are some kettlebell exercises you can use to put your own ROM challenging routines together with kettlebells:

  1. Spiral press
    for thoracic rotation
  2. Pull-over into scap opener
    for triceps, lats, and scapulae
  3. Racked deep squat
    for ankles, knees, and hips
  4. Thoracic hyperextension lift
    for thoracic extension
  5. Side bend
    for thoracic lateral flexion
  6. Rotational clean
    for thoracic rotation and hips
  7. Jefferson curl
    for thoracic and hip flexion
  8. Cossack squat
    for hamstrings
  9. Overhead reverse lunge
    for thoracic and hip flexors
  10. Windmill
    for thoracic, shoulders, and hips

There is so much more to explore when it comes to using kettlebells for flexibility and mobility.


IMPORTANT: All to be done slowly with lightweight and challenging your ROM on each rep. Once you’re more advanced and know your strength and range you can add more weight.


I personally incorporate lots of dynamic stretching in between sets, before, or after, in the workout, or all. https://youtu.be/FGnt5CNl2BQ

If you’re someone who does not want to devote time to stretching (it can feel like a chore sometimes) then look at exercises that test your ROM in all angles (see list above) and hide them in your workouts. I sometimes put a workout together just focussing on ROM, one such workout is the Thorax Workout or more full body The Grinding Warrior.


Got questions about flexibility, mobility, or kettlebells? Join us and post your questions:



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