Kettlebell back hyperextensions

Kettlebell Back Hyperextensions—Yes! Possible. Yes! Good

Ask most people “Can you do back extensions with the kettlebell?” and they’ll more than likely tell you “No”. Lucky for you, I don’t take “no” for an answer easily and don’t do things the conventional way. Without further ado, behold, the Kettlebell Back Hyperextension.


Great for thoracic mobility, improve your racking, rock hard glutes, hip mobility and much more…

How to do it?

Deadlift a kettlebell up and hold it with two hands behind the back, just an inch away from the legs:

  1. let the kettlebell hang with straight arms throughout the move
  2. keep the head in neutral position throughout
  3. feet closely together
  4. knees locked
  5. hips locked
  6. firm abs
  7. firm chest
  8. lats active
  9. pull the shoulder blades together
  10. active upper traps
  11. squeeze the glutes to pull the top of the pelvis back
  12. slowly create thoracic extension
  13. push the chest out
  14. keep squeezing the shoulder blades together
  15. no extension at the lumbar
  16. go to the lowest safest point
  17. come back up
  18. start coming up at the top
  19. exaggerate the shrug
  20. repeat as required

You can use medium to heavy weight depending on your ability.

Do this right and you’ll feel it everywhere, rhomboids, upper trapezius, lats, glutes, especially the glutes as you need to keep them squeezed the whole time to avoid pelvic tilt. Have a go at it IF…. you’re already conditioned and been doing back extensions before. Don’t jump in and start testing your ranges out of the blue, progression is key, understanding, control and technique is vital.




Check out some of the other cool movements you can use to test your ROM and increase mobility. Be warned, none of what you see on this page is for beginners, you need to understand how to hold the kettlebell, have a good feeling how the weight affects the path etc. So, just because it all looks cool and is extremely good, it doesn’t mean you should be doing it.

Out of those listed, this is one of the safest one you can do. The kettlebell pull-over. Use a light weight.

Great for the shoulders!

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