2022 Kettlebell Workout Music Playlist

Kettlebell Workout Music Playlist 2022

Are you looking for an up-to-date kettlebell workout music playlist that you can turn on and start working out from home or where ever you’re going to use your kettlebell?

This 2022 playlist is 30 minutes long with 11 awesome songs in genres like rock, hip hop, alternative, and others. If anything, you have to check out the EPIC ending song, it gives me chills. The music is paired with scenes from our kettlebell workout adventures in historic or amazing places across the world. There are also 3 other kettlebell workout music playlists further below that you should check out from previous years.


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  2. Song 2
  3. Song 3
  4. Song 4
  5. Song 5
  6. Song 6
  7. Song 7
  8. Song 8
  9. Song 9
  10. Song 10
  11. Song 11

Song 01

Title: Bad
Artist: Royal Deluxe
Genre: Alternative, Blues, Rock
Characteristics: Aggressive, Beat, Dark, Epic, Grungy, Mysterious, Suspense, Swagger, Wild
Time: 00:00:35

Song 02

Title: Light It Up
Artist: S.O.
Genre: Alternative, Cinematic, Hip Hop
Characteristics: Aggressive, Beat, Dark, Driving, Groove, Rap, Raw, Swagger, Upbeat, Wild
Time: 00:04:14

Song 03

Title: Born For This
Artist: Royal Deluxe
Genre: Alternative, Blues, Rock
Characteristics: Beat, Dark, Epic, Groove, Grungy, Swagger
Time: 00:07:17

Song 04

Title: The Drum
Artist: The Siege
Genre: Alternative, Blues, Hip Hop, Rock
Characteristics: Aggressive, Beat, Dark, Epic, Groove, Rap, Swagger, Tribal
Time: 00:09:49

Song 05

Title: Turning The Tide
Artist: S.O.
Genre: Alternative, Hip Hop, Indie
Characteristics: Aggressive, Atmospheric, Beat, Dramatic, Driving, Easy Listening, Groove, Rap, Raw, Spiritual, Upbeat
Time: 00:11:53

Song 06

Title: Like It Like This
Artist: Pink Laundry
Genre: Alternative, Rock
Characteristics: Aggressive, Beat, Driving, Groove, Grungy
Time: 00:14:27

Song 07

Title: Giants
Artist: Kat Meoz
Genre: Alternative, Pop, Rock
Characteristics: Aggressive, Beat, Driving, Groove, Swagger, Upbeat, Wild
Time: 00:16:31

Song 08

Title: Fireproof
Artist: Nevada Wild
Genre: Alternative, Rock
Characteristics: Aggressive, Beat, Dark, Dramatic, Groove, Grungy, Raw, Upbeat
Time: 00:19:35

Song 09

Title: Fight
Artist: LOCS
Genre: Alternative, Hip Hop, Rock
Characteristics: Aggressive, Atmospheric, Beat, Driving, Explicit, Groove, Swagger, Upbeat
Time: 00:22:40

Song 10

Title: Power Theatrical Trailer
Artist: Until The Very End
Genre: Alternative, Hip Hop
Characteristics: Aggressive, Beat, Dark, Groove, Rap, Raw
Time: 00:25:41


Title: Lux
Artist: Ryan Taubert
Genre: Alternative, Cinematic
Characteristics: Dark, Dramatic, Epic, Espionage, Mysterious, Orchestral, Suspense, Wondrous
Time: 00:27:24


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