Form And Technique First, AMRAP And Weight Last

If you get injured in a WOD, is it the trainers fault?
Want to stay injury free? ☑

What is the difference between group and personal training?
Want to progress faster and safer? ☑

The majority of the CrossFit WODs are competitive, it’s to see who can do the most, fastest and heaviest. If you come in fresh off the street, you can’t compete with the big boys right away, you need to be prepared for that. You need to check your ego at the door.


Your motto should always be:
form and technique first; amrap and heavier weight last!


This means, if you can complete 10 fast reps of 60kg overhead squats, with a rounded back, eye sight on the floor, excessive pelvic tilt, hips remaining above knee line, and heels leaving the floor, you’re a looser; you might win the WOD, but you loose big time in the end.

If you want to stay injury free and progress, don’t set your sight on winning, set your sight on progression. If you happen to win, that’s an added bonus.


Who’s fault is it if you get injured in CrossFit?

If the Box/trainer has good programming, that means, they have good warm-ups, good technique sessions, good progressional exercises, and you don’t listen to instructions, you don’t check your ego at the door, it’s your fault if you get injured.

When you join WODs, they’re group classes, this means that the focus is on the group as a collective, not an individual. Group fitness classes are affordable because of this. Private sessions are just you and your trainer, the sessions purely focus on your current abilities and what you need, to progress. So, if you want to progress faster and safer, you hire a trainer/coach.

Always come in with the intend to stay safe and progress. To stay safe, you pick the right weight, no matter what the Rx is; if needed, you even lower your weight during the WOD; you take a break when you’re near fatigue, no matter whether they’re all off on the next run; you go that extra depth on the squat to get as close to your max depth as possible each time, no matter whether a quarter squat would get you in first place or not!






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