Difference Between a Sprawl, Burpee and CrossFit Burpee

A burpee is going from standing position into plank position, and back up. The burpee exercise is named in the 1930s by American physiologist Royal H. Burpee.

What is a sprawl?

A sprawl is a burpee with the hips pushed to the ground (hip extension). This movement is used by fighters in MMA, BJJ, and anywhere else the fighter needs to prevent someone from taking them down to the ground.

What is a CrossFit burpee?

A CrossFit burpee is a variation/complex of the burpee involving a chest to ground tricep push-up and jump.


CrossFit is popular, and it’s been using a push-up in the burpee variation, that still does not mean that is THE burpee. A burpee needs to remain the most basic form of the exercise, upon that you can build other variations.

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