Super Heavy Workout – Pesado ‘Paola’

I loved this super heavy kettlebell session with all my favourite kettlebell exercises. I call it Pesado ‘Paola’ and it involves the following exercises, by the way, you start your timer when you begin these body weight exercises.

  • 25 squats
  • 25 jumping jacks
  • 25 jumping burpees
  • 25 push-ups ‘any’

You perform this only once, you can use this as your warm-up and jump straight into the workout, but I recommend a short mobility warm-up before hand.

Then the fun starts, grab your heaviest kettlebells and perform only one rep of the following on each side, preferably starting with your left

  • Conventional jerk
  • Turkish get-up squat style
  • Windmill
  • Bent side press
  • Strict front press

Six rounds for time.

Record your lowest weight, i.e. if you drop back to a lower weight, that’s the weight recorded.

I used the following weights

  • Conventional jerk 36kg
  • Turkish get-up squat style 26kg
  • Windmill 30kg
  • Bent side press 24kg
  • Strict front press 24kg

I started with heavier weights but had to drop back. My time was 39 minutes and 10 seconds. Post your results below or on our facebook.


Download the PDF below with more details on this workout.


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